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Whether you are traveling solo, a couple, or small group, just tell us where you want to go, how long you want to go and your price range. We will devise a customized itinerary that includes everything from travel and accommodations to dinning, entertainment and more.

Our services includes finding transportation to your destination, hotel accommodations, rental car, and even help getting entertainment tickets. We will find information about your destination and provide you with multiple choices.  

Our services are available to all budgets and at a fraction of the cost most travel or tour companies cost. 

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Laurie Redfield and Kathy Tice are world world travelers and best friends who have combined their love for adventure and experience the world over to make vacation planning better, easier and more fun for you.

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Laurie Redfield and Kathy Tice

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Copyright 2019 The Traveling Duo. Designed by Aranka Matolcsy, Monarch Consulting, Paris, Maine USA

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