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A Long Short drive To Naples, Florida

Hi everybody, I have been wanting to write about my Florida journey for a week now, but every time I sat down and actually start hitting the keyboard, my thinking gets in the way! A lot of emotions comes pouring in, it seems like every piece of item or experience I had on the trip talks to me in my head all at the same time trying to be the first one to be talked about…weird, huh? I don’t know if that’s the ‘multiple personality’ thing that is kicking in, or maybe it’s just an excuse because the other side of me is shouting “I’m just too lazy to put it into writing!”

Naples– is located on the south western part of Florida, not the most southern, but one of the cities by the Gulf of Mexico. We did not spend a whole lot of time in the city, but we drove around a bit for me to say its a very nice and clean city!

We left home after we got the car rental at about 10:30 am on a Saturday, we took Interstate 75 all the way down, by noon we were almost at the outskirts of Macon, GA. It was a very smooth drive, the Chevy Impala was very comfortable and spacious. Rashid and I always have fun talking about all sorts of stuff when we are alone, we better be because we will be stuck with each other for the next 6 days! :-)…


Rashid would say, “Hey did you know that Bono was hitchhiking again in Canada, a few months ago?”as if I did not know about it, or he did not send me the news through email a few weeks ago. I would say, “Yea I know, he should stop doing that…times are a-changing, he was lucky it was famous Canadian hockey player that picked him and his friend up, not like some psycho!” as if I did not told him already when he sent me the news….things like that! ;-)…

At about 4 pm we already crossed the Florida border. We decided to stop by the Welcome Center, we usually don’t because our trip was already planned, where we’re going and what we’re going to do at a particular time of the day (that’s what you get when you marry a man like my husband…) but what the heck, we stopped by anyway. I needed to use the rest room and Rashid needed some free orange juice!

NOTE: I f you’re traveling to Florida for sightseeing I advise you to stop by a Welcome Center, get some Brochures that are available, even if you already planned your vacation, there are very useful maps that you can get for free, not to mention the free orange juice, and a good stretching if you have a bad back!

At about 6 pm we were passing Ocala, Florida and by 8 pm we were in Tampa, Florida. We were planning to see Ybor City’s famous 7th Avenue, walk and just experience it, but we decided since it was getting late and I really wanted to see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge while it was still daylight, we just drove on. We got off I-75 and took I-275 going through St. Petersburg (an Island city on the coast of Tampa). The bridge connects the the Island with the Southern part of Tampa. I enjoyed it so much, we decided to stop by and we went through another bridge just parallel to the Sunshine Skyway where a lot of people were fishing! Took some pictures…it was great!

We arrived at our hotel in Naples at about quarter past 9 at night. We were exhausted, but the drive was awesome, and the ocean we saw, the breeze was so refreshing to me that I could not wait till the next day. We cleaned up for the night, ate and off to bed… and of course, whatever happened in the bed is a whole different story…of course I’m not going to tell you!