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Florida Keys - According to Me!

Where was I? Oh, we stayed overnight in Naples, Florida…the clean city! We woke up a little early than usual, I was excited about the travel from Naples to the Keys via Homestead. Our overnight stay was in Marathon, one of the bigger Island in the Lower Keys. The breakfast was great, my husband got a lot of breakfast sides, like oranges, cereals without milk, muffins, and all other stuff…he’s just like that. Finally we got out of the hotel and started to plan our route. We wanted to get to Homestead through a highway just on the north part of the Everglades. It’ Highways 41/90. It goes through some Native American villages. Alligators was my concern but the fact that this villages advertise of some Gator Delicacies, my concern was lessen!

Florida Keys

The drive was very scenic and very eerie at the same time, not because I may see a ghost on the road at noontime, but because of the fact that there are a lot of big creatures that maybe lurking around, ready to come out and say “Hi” to us in their own peculiar way! We would pass by some guys who were fully “dressed to kill”… and even some guys who, as far as I can tell very worried about their heads getting bitten by mosquitoes! My only guess is that under the thick cap, there is no hair to hide their yummy-pinkish-bald-heads!

Then as we were getting deeper into the forest, we would see camp sites, where we could go out and see the wild. We decided to stop on one. What we did not expect was a moat that was filled with baby and adult alligators! It was a sight…until my husband’s nose started dripping! I mean it was dripping water… he has some allergies, every now and then, but his nose was like a water hose! We were laughing all the way to the car, it was very weird but we never found out what caused it, I joked around saying it was a Native American’s curse…LOL!

NOTE: Every now and then you’ll see these notes I made. These are advises and alerts for you to head (or not- if you think you know better than me! LOL). When you go through this highway, you have to mind your speed. This highway is manned by the Native American police, and they have their own law. You have to follow what the road signs says…you are in their territory and you have to follow their rules, or else you’ll be thrown to the crocs! NO, JUST KIDDING….these people are very nice, they are very tourist friendly!

This highway is what I would advise you to take, if you’re not in a hurry, if you’re a little daring, with a good driving car, and full tank of gas! It was a very good experience for me and my husband overall. We took Krome Ave, when we reached Homestead going South, there is really not much scenic views to see but you’ll see the lifestyle of the people…(a polished way of saying- you’re going through the city). Krome Avenue is where Historic Homestead is too, their Historic Street…which is very near to Highway 1 going towards the Keys!


My experience with the Keys are always great! But this time we have the whole day ahead of us, and the next day if I wanted to linger around. It’s always a very interesting drive. At least we make it interesting because if you won’t you’ll get bored with the traffic! Oh, don’t let me start talking about the traffic, and the people who causes them! We finally reached Key West at about 1 pm, we were hot and hungry! We decided to eat at a shack, it looks rundown but Maaan, the food was great!!! There are always a lot of people coming in and out this restaurant, and it’s Italian! After lunch, we wanted to walk around the beach and the pier nearby, then we went down to the Southernmost corner of United States of America! Well, there’s a lot of confusion about this corner, a lot of people saying that it’s not…but who cares, there was a line of people!


We ended our little tour at Duval Street where everything is happening, passing by Earnest Hemingway Mansion/Museum. Took some pictures, bought some sponges and sweat some more! Then we headed back towards our Hotel which was in Marathon Florida… we were very tired when we get to the room, and before I closed my eyes, I whispered in my husband’s ear, “Do you realize we are sleeping in the middle of the ocean?” He kissed me and smiled, “your wish, my dear…your wish came true!”