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Savannah, my Favorite

You want to truly experience what Savannah is all about? Do it on foot, it’s a great exercise too! Last few times I’ve been there I visited Bonaventure Cemetery, walked around the graves and marvel at the way the gravestones where designed. If you are visiting Savannah because you just want to get drunk by the river, you’ll probably wonder what the heck is the importance of this Cemetery. "Google it!"

Savannah River Street

Historic District will offer you a lot of insight of the lifestyle of the people living there in the 19th century, you may not be able to glimpse how the slaves lived but you will be able to at least imagine how they worked and were treated by just looking at the historic houses that still stands, they look stunning, regal but lonely and eerie at the same time.


There is a lot to talk about that it will not fit in one post. There are a lot of history to tell, a lot of photos to share as well. I may not be an expert of historical studies but I will try to tell the experience I had when I was walking around Historical District, call it: A Foreigner’s Experience of Savannah…