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Travel! It's good for the Soul...


The City Mozart Loved!

Although we stayed two nights in Vienna, the first day we went to Budapest. The next day we could not just let it go by not walking in the streets of Vienna. 

It was about 2 kilometers from our hotel (which is by the way, near!). It was fun sitting down at the park near Mozart statue and just being quiet. 

Gone were the tons of selfie sticks from Paris, at the Louvre poised like spears in front of the delicate Mona Lisa. Gone were the noisy footsteps, the pushing and pulling of shoulders to get through the doors inside the Versailles palace. 

Here you can just sit down on the benches and marvel at this piece of work in front of you, the sound of birds and occasional laughter of kids from afar. From a distance you see a group of middle age crowd doing yoga under a shade.

Vienna, oh Vienna... I'm coming back, please wait for me!


Salzburg, Austria

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was his name and he was born here.  Renowned for its baroque architecture in the north of the Alps, this place is easy to navigate. 

From Vienna to Salzburg, you can stop by and stay a few hours. It is not a very big place - from the train station, it is about 15 minutes walk to the main center of the city. Mirabell Palace gardens is free to take pictures and admire, then you can walk through it Mozart's house is just across the street.

After going in and maybe get some souvenirs you can walk to the "Love-lock" bridge and across to a few more places and things to see.


A Bucket List Checked!

This castle has been in my bucket list. Growing up in the Philippines, watching Disney movies, my dad bought me a VHS of Sleeping Beauty movie. 

The moment I had access to a library, I had researched where this place was and told myself, someday I will set foot on Mad King Ludwig's castle!

There is no easy way to go there. You either walk uphill (about 40 minutes) or you wait for the horse carriage or bus to take you there. If you then reach the top with a bus or the carriage, you still have to walk about 15 more minutes uphill to the castle!

Coming down is no easy way either. You can also wait for the bus (but our tour guide did not recommend this because the bus rarely comes). You can walk down 40 minutes - easy for some who don't have knee problems. Then if you want to be a little faster, you can go through a shortcut which is a little rough, stony and steep rugged pathway down.

But it is all worth it, for me... it was all worth it!


Budapest, Hugary 

Goulash in Budapest! You have to try it.

Budapest is a city trying to revive it's glory and they have amazing history. The struggle for independence and modernization.

The architecture ranges from the ancient Roman times to contemporary art museums. Some of the buildings are still in bad shape but it looks like beautiful ruins to me.

I would love to visit the city again in the near future!


Everything is Beautiful in Zurich!

You won't get thirsty in Zurich!

You can use your day ticket on bus, tram and boats!

You have dishes from Nepal to Bhutan in the train station!

You follow the signs and you won't get lost!

They have hotel/apartments without anyone ushering you in - still efficient!

DO NOT use taxi in Zurich, they will rip you off!

They don't accept coin euros. If you pay in Euros you will get Swiss francs in change.