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 4K TV- that's the new b**ch these days. I read somewhere that "Breaking Bad" is going 4K. Not to mention Netflix' "House of Cards" just went 4K also. I was wondering, what is that? Are they going gold? What's next...14 K, then 18, 22 and 24k? Wow! 


So I looked this up, this 4K. Well- I was introduced to UHD (Ultra High Definition)and FUHD (Full Ultra High Definition), forgive me if I forgotten some other...maybe EFUHD (Extreme Full Ultra....whatever). Our TV have evolved from humongous to very thin and very light skinny- starving pale piece of wall ornament while we evolved into full, extra full, extreme full piece of couch ornaments! Pardon my language. My youngest tells me that I'm not obese...he said it in the most loving way, "Mommy, you're just THICK!"    

So what does it do? Or what is it exactly? It gives us four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD, give and take...about twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of the 1080p HDTV format, with four times as many pixels overall. Ok! We covered the basics. What does it do and what is it exactly, I ask? Well, if you understand what it said on the first few lines of this paragraph then I really don't need to tell you what it will do to your tv and movie watching enjoyment. But if you're like me, (actually I understand a little bit because I had to learn that on my Programming 101 about resolutions, monitors and pixels...etc); nevertheless if you don't get it, welcome to the rest of humankind who buy stuff that looks cool but does not really know what it does, really!
So now, I'm finally going to see my favorite actors' pimples, not to mention some boogers to go with it too! Now it will be clear to me how many grey hairs does George Clooney has, or I can now show my youngest son (who is a big fan of Nicholas Cage) that he's really wearing a taupe! Isn't that awesome, or what?! Technology, technology technology...what will we be without you!
Well, I told myself...we are technology and gadget lovers so I decided to do a little research about 4K TVs. My husband always tells me, all the time to research it first before even considering to buy anything. Would you believe I found just the right place,  AMAZON  has it! The reviews were very helpful and it really convinced me to give this a try, it's only $40,000.00. My husband will be pissed off when he find's out I spent the down payment for a new house for this amazing 4K TV, but when he read the reviews, he will understand!!!

What I was talking about...

Several year ago this happened:

Rashid (my husband) advised me to read ahead for one of my next semesters' class which is about Information Security. Since we're both in our respective offices at home, we talk in yahoo messenger. He asked me what I have learned so far in Chapter 1, told him that I was reading about how information security began way back in WWII, when the first mainframes that aided computations for code breaking in communication....basically what Alan Turing was involved in. He reminded me that the movie about Alan Turing is coming out soon (The Imitation Game).

Then he said, "Now you will really enjoy the movie when it comes out, and you will feel connected to him somehow."

I said, "Oh yes I will!..." and then a pause, "Wait a minute, are talking about the same person?"

He replied, "Yea, Alan Turing?"

I replied back, "No! Benedict Cumberbatch!" and a smiley face!

Sorry babe...I just can't help it. LOL!


This is what I call CHILLIN'

Sometimes the only thing that matters is chocolate! 

Sometimes the only thing that matters is chocolate! 



The Way West

2005 - Newport Beach California, my home away from home. It will always be very dear to my heart. The countless days I stared at the ocean, which was pretty much all I know since I was born in an island surrounded by ocean, the Pacific - the same breeze hitting my face only on the other side of the world! 

I thank you for the life you let me lived, my tiny piece of heaven.


Simple Things

2005 - I wonder what goes on in their tiny minds? I have always wondered when I was their age what was going on in my brain? I just know that everything was large and tall and spaces were big... but that was it.

I don't remember anything else. Later on I would be scared with loud people and loud noises specially generators! LOL!


A Story From the Past

December 2006

Two days before Christmas, SHE lights up dozen of candles she found from all over the house. She spread them all through out the living room, put an instrumental CD in the boom box. Her tears were falling as the music started. She closed her eyes and started tapping her foot to the beat of the music as the tears were rolling down her eyes…She stepped backwards in an attempt to dance. 
Nobody’s here anyway, she thought. No one will be watching her. She smiled at that, somehow the tears stopped for a second….before it started rolling again…

Paris, France….a wonderful place to be… 
"Hmmmm, I wish I was there now….right now."

The music continued…she was slowly swaying to the beat of this beautiful music. She raised her hands, imagined she was dancing with a very mysterious man…but somehow familiar, very familiar. Who knows it might come true someday…she chuckled, as she sniffed and brushed the tears from her face.
She opened her eyes and looked around her. She was in the middle of the living room. The Christmas tree was elegant this year, not too much ornaments…just white ribbons and a star on top of it…she seems to be in a sea of lights, while the candle flames are swaying to and fro almost dancing to the music. her eyes were sparkling, maybe because of the tears…or maybe because of the reflections of the candle lights!
"I HAVE SURVIVED SO FAR! But I still need to get a life…" she sighed in a whisper.

She stood there in the middle of the living room and just soaking her surroundings. She is home alright, but somehow it does not feel like it. Of course there was something missing. But who cares, missing someone is just a part of life. Everybody misses someone, specially on Christmas! It’s nothing new.
A familiar sound started playing next…SHE found herself humming to the melody and before she knew it, she was singing and dancing with the music in the middle of the living room.

She was lost in her own world of music and fantasy for now. She did not care even if somebody was watching her. She was spinning in her own little paradise, for now!

Oh, she danced…she sang, she laughed…her tears still rolling down…once in a while she would brush the tears from her face with her sleeves, sniffed but still tapped those feet…in her own world, in her own fantasy….!!!




Then one day you bent to tie your shoes,
Your back starts to strain, you thought you just need a boost!
Falling hairs, lines on your face, you’re getting tired,
Loneliness has sipped in through your heart and mind!
Still you say, Heck, what does it matter anyway,
Life is a-fleeting enjoy it as much as you can!
For maybe tomorrow or the next day you might be gone;
You’re happy to know that you lived and laughed---
You thought you were the envy of everyone!You wake up gasping for air, 
Life was leaving you---no more cheer,
None beside you, no one to share---
How you wish, she was there, but you left her somewhere!
You start remembering while you’re clinging on a thread,
Did she say we had a SON, you wonder where would He be?
What kind of life he’s leading now, 
God, let him be safe you hope and pray!

Then you started mumbling something, 
You can’t figure out what?
Only your mind knows, only your heart feels
Cause that’s all you got!
You sucked more air, you trembled in fear,
A drop of tear fell from a dry eye as well!

You see darkness enveloping you
From the corner of the room,
Your fist was gripping tight on the bar of your bed,
Black shadows dancing like ghosts with eerie moves,
A cold wind blows from nowhere
Showing petals from a black rose!

The blackness started suffocating you,
You grasp for air but you might as well let go!
You’re still scared, you’re still hanging on---
Your mind, your heart---
All your senses felt like it’s going to blow!
You draw your last breath---you draw your last straw!


“Give and it shall be given”---
You feed your soul.
But do you really do it, 
Or you think you’re a fool?
“Love your neighbor, as yourself,” 
You hear it everywhere,
When you don’t even smile at the lady
In the bus next to your chair!

“Redemption is near!” 
You hear it on your radio.
Do you even bother to stop and think
When you die where will you go?
“Salvation, Salvation for everyone!”
Shouting in the streets as loud as they can.
You wonder Salvation from what, 
Salvation from who?
Ahh, you think you’re still too young,
You still need to grow!

You work hard, you pay your bills;
You party when you have the chance!
Life is a-fleeting enjoy it as much as you can;
Your life is yours, so you thought---you don’t need anyone!
You’ve been hurt here and there. Heck, life is unfair;
You believe what you can, You do what you will!
Friends and Foes alike, you can’t trust them now a days,
You laugh the whole day, at night you look at your face!



The Need To...

January 2010

I'm a very unpredictable person, most of the time I do things differently just because I do not want to be everybody else...which is in a way not bad but one thing I learned is with this type of personality and lifestyle comes unpredictable consequences. Being unconventional is exciting and weird to some makes you more interesting to some people, and makes other raise some eyebrows. I learned to not care so much about what people say, because the me 20 years ago, the me 10 years ago and the me now, are quite different, I grew so much in experience and in size (unfortunately)...but lets face it, if I look back, there were things I did 20, 10 years ago that were simply stupid if I happen to meet that same situation again, I would have responded differently...

Life is a trial and error to me, we were born starting with a clean, empty basket of experience, we start like a sponge, absorbing everything around us, we learn through our senses, kids are told not to touch something, and the more they want to. When we grow older, with our "basket of experience" having few or maybe a bunch of stuff in it already...we learn to discard and keep some things, and add some...

There are also what I call, like in chess, "blunders" in our lives...some brings good results and some brings bad. Afterwards, we ask, "Why the f**k did I do that?" and we tend to stay in that mode for a long time some even can't move on...

There are things that simply happen, without any predictions...accidents, some brings good results, some bad, some are even blessings in disguises. We ask, "Why did this happen to me?" and we also tend stay and "wallow" on that mode until we forgot the essence of what we are here in the first place...

...ANALYZE THE CONSEQUENCES of my actions, blunders, desicions and accidents, who has time to do that?! Calculating, foreseeing and perceiving the results of my "unpredictable moves" in life would ease up unnecessary stress, conflict with my loved ones, and all other "time-consuming-whining" I face everyday...